Window Glass Replacement Barrington

Window Glass Replacement Barrington

Damage to windows can be stressful. Not only because of the cost involved with the replacement, but because often if windows are old enough finding a replacement that looks the same can be difficult or impossible, which means increased costs of replacement. The best solution is to replace the damaged glass and not the whole window itself. There are several reasons to replace the glass over the entire window.

  • Construction – Because mass-produced windows change over the years, it can be hard to get ones that are the same size as before. This means your window frames will need to be changed to allow the new windows to fit, and that means construction. Changing the frame so your new window will fit properly inside.
  • Look – A new window can change the look of your home. Sometimes it might not be a good thing. Older windows have a lot of appeal to them, and some styles of windows can no longer be available as time goes on and requires custom windows to replicate.
  • Cost – Replacing the glass means less material cost and fewer labor costs as a single or multiple panes of glass are easier and quicker to install than an entire window.

Cracked Window

Cracks in your window are a big problem. Depending on what types of windows you have the problem could be worse than other types. No matter what the type you have, getting the window replaced quickly can help save you money and bigger problems down the road.

  • Insects – Windows keep more than the elements out. Insects have a bad habit of finding small holes to get into your home, and a crack in your window can be a great way for small insects like ants, spiders, and others inside.
  • Water – Even if the seal around your window is not the best, water still runs down to the base of your window where it is designed to handle it. Cracks mean that there is another way for water to go, and that way can lead it to where the window was not designed to handle water.
  • Loss of Insulation – When a window cracks air can get through easily. This means that cold or hot air can pass through the crack making the room the window is colder in the winter and warmer in the summer.
  • Dirt – Pollen, dirt and other particles floating in the air outside are often small enough to make it through a crack in your window. This means a lot more cleaning on your part, and dealing with allergies as well.

Chipped Window

Windshields are not the only glass that can become chipped often. House windows can become chipped for lots of reasons. Impacts from both inside the house and outside, defects in the glass that change with the heat or cold, or chemicals that can damage the glass. Either way, these chips become an eyesore as once you see them your eye will often be drawn to them. While the chip itself might not be a big problem, it can cause one down the road. This is why when you see chipped glass in your window you should get your chipped window replaced as soon as possible.

Glass Specialists Barrington

Replacing the glass from a window takes more than just a steady hand. Replacement of the glass requires the right tools and knowledge. This is where we can help. Finer Concepts has been helping people with the glass of their house for over 16 years, with over 25 years of experience in the industry, that means we can help you with whatever problem you have. One phone call can get you a quote that will make you understand why replacing the glass of your window is better than replacing the entire window. So don’t waste your time and money, give us a call and Finer Concepts will be there to help!