Tabletop Glass

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Common Types of Glass Edges

Flat Polish glass table top AtlantaFlat Polish
The least expensive edge detail. The side edge is flat with a small seam or bevel on the top bottom edge of the glass.

Pencil Polish glass table top AtlantaPencil Polish
Especially popular on circles ovals. The side edge is rounded, which gives it a soft look.

1 inch Bevel glass table top Atlanta1″ Bevel
The most versatile edge. A flat polish with a brilliant bevel on the top edge of the glass, this edge can be formal, casual, traditional or contemporary!

OGEE (OG) Edge glass table top AtlantaOGEE (OG) Edge
A look for the ages. Ogee is defined as an S in profile. This edge goes back to the Greeks Romans and is gorgeous on columns and wrought iron bases.

Double Bevel glass table top AtlantaDouble Bevel
Pricey yet brilliant. A flat polish with 2 bevels on the top edge of the glass, this edge is very dressy and adds prismatic colors to any room.

Triple OG (Waterfall) glass table top AtlantaTriple OG (Waterfall)
Resembles a waterfall on edge. A rolling look with 3 pencil edges on the edge of the glass, this edge absolutely sparkles. For those that want the rare jewel!