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Finer Concepts has been creating custom window glass projects, repairing custom window glass, and replacing custom window glass for Algonquin, Illinois and surrounding area for the past 18 years!  FIner Concepts is entirely 100% family owned specializing in providing you the best custom window options! If you are looking for a company that has reviews which include:

  • “Steve and Carolyn were professional and responsive.” – Theresa
  • “Finer Concepts did good work and were a good value.” – Melana
  • ” Steve was very careful and neat with his installation.” – Danielle
  • “The guys were on time, efficient and clean while removing mirrors from a wall in my dining room” – Tom
  • “Great service!”

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Finer Concepts is your choice!  Learn more about custom glass window services in Algonquin, including the process, our specialties, tips, and information so you can install your custom window glass today!  Also, view some of our galleries and projects that we have created for others!  However, If you are ready to start your window project then fill out the contact form today or call us at 224-209-8044


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Custom Window Service Algonquin

It happens to every homeowner one time or another.  Whether it is a ball that comes crashing through them, scratches that appear out of nowhere, wildlife animals that have cracked them, or more and more leaking through them, you have had one reason or another to replace the windows in your home.  This problem can be extra difficult when you are dealing with custom windows.  Finer Concepts has been serving the residents of Algonquin, Illinois with their window needs for over 18 years so we have seen it all.  However, replacing a window can actually be a fun experience.  This is because there are more options and styles then there ever was before and we can help you choose which is right for your home.  Also, if the frame around the window is still useful, Finer Concepts can work with you to just replace the glass itself.  This reason alone is why you should turn to custom window service before turning toward a box store or a big chain for new windows.  Sometimes all you need is the glass and we can help no matter the size, shape, or color.

That’s right, color!  Have you ever considered adding a color window to your home? These accent features work great for giving your home a modern look and providing you a different element that will make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood!  It’s not just color, there are many other different elements you can add to make your windows pop!  However, before we begin working on that new window, here are some signs that your windows should/could be replaced:

  1. Warping, Cracks, or Breaking – If you notice that your windows have a crack, or are breaking, or even warping this is the time actually replace the window.  Doing it sooner rather than later will actually save you cost because Finer Concepts can come in and just replace the glass in the window without having to do the whole frame. We can make the glass fit to your window and can help prevent catastrophic damage later on.
  2. Looking For A Different Style – Whether you are selling your home in the future, or are just looking for a different style to your window, we can help.  Replacing windows will get you around 66% back when you sell your home.  With custom windows and glass that return is higher especially for the right buyer.  Since the housing market has rebounded in Algonquin you can take advantage by making your windows look new again.
  3. Reduce Your Energy Bill – Windows leak over time, and we all know living in Algonquin, Illinois that the winter can get COLD and the summers can get HOT! Replacing your windows can increase your energy bill because your windows will retain the temperature in your house better when you are running your HVAC system.  This will also reduce the number of times you run your HVAC system and therefore reduce your monthly bill.
  4. Storm Damage – There are times when mother nature can turn nasty.  Wind damage and hail can really affect the windows on a home especially over a period of years. If your home just survived a storm and you have window damage from a storm call us and we can help.
  5. Windows Won’t Open – If your window is foggy that could be a sign that moisture is getting through the double pane glass and that can damage your window frame. Also, if your windows won’t open anymore it might just be an issue of swelling around the glass.  We can help.  Call us today and let us take a look at your windows.  Serving Algonquin will all of their window needs as been a joy over the last 18 years.



Custom Glass Window Styles Algonquin

If you have determined that you need new windows for your home, now comes the fun part! Choosing new window styles, or custom glass to add to your windows is the best way to give your home a little improvement makeover.  Here are just a few options you can choose from:

Decorative Glass – Decorative glass can really add a unique pattern and aesthetic to your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or basement.  With decorative glass, you can choose to etch in patterns and styles that you really want.  You can also choose to do different patterns of color elements and different styles. Decorative glass can give your home a way to stand out from your neighbors.

Double Hung – Double hung windows are most commonly found in kitchens and bedrooms.  These windows slide up or down in order to open. Single hung windows can only open from the bottom. These windows also typically open outward from the home so it is important to see if there are any obstructions in the way when the window is opening.

Casement Windows – Casement windows are windows that work like a pivot custom glass shower door. These windows are usually oversized and are operated by a crank.  Homes in Algonquin typically have these windows in the living room or dining room of the home.  While they are bigger they can be single paned multipaned as well.

Single Pane Windows – These windows typically have one sheet of glass inside the frame.  Multipaned windows typically have panels that separate each individual pane in the window creating a multi-box effect.  With multipaned windows, you can add different colors to your glass to create a unique pattern shown on the outside of the home.

Picture Windows – Picture windows are usually huge panes of glass that are stationary.  These windows are being added to the home in Algonquin because they are modern and sleek and allow you to take up huge wall space so it doesn’t look so empty.

Transom Windows – Do you remember the little windows that were on positioned over the door to your classrooms when you were in school?  These are Transom Windows, they are smaller windows that are placed above a door or another window to let more light in.  They are typically stationary however they can be custom made to move.  Transom Windows are fun because you can choose different colors to let a spectral light into your room very minimally giving it a unique look

Custom Window Glass Installation Algonquin

No matter the type of window, the style of window, or the custom glass project you are looking Finer Concepts is here to help you in Algonquin, Illinois.  With over 18 years of experience serving clients in the area, we are the number one installers of custom glass projects you can rely on.  Contact us today and let’s start planning out your custom glass window today!