Glass Shower Wauconda

Glass Shower Wauconda


Glass showers can change the look of your bathroom and help to show off custom tile work inside your shower. Finer Concepts has been helping the people of Wauconda get the glass showers of their dreams and can help you too. Just give us a call and you’ll learn how easy owning a glass shower can really be. The different types of glass you can get at Finer Concepts are:

  • Back Painted Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Curved Glass
  • Etched Glass
  • Decorative Glass
  • Frosted Glass

Back Painted Glass Wauconda

As the name might suggest is this glass has been painted on the back. This allows more color to shine through on the front. This glass can come in a variety of colors that can be custom matched to go with your bathroom. The color helps to block what is on the other side while making your room more colorful and vibrant.

Colored Glass Wauconda

Colored glass is glass that has a pigment added to it so that it has a hint of color while allowing people to see through them. Colored Glass comes in a variety of different opaqueness allowing different levels of visibility through them.

Curved Glass Wauconda

One of the benefits that most people say shower curtains have over glass showers is glass showers are a box. Curved glass can be installed to give your shower a unique design as well as allow for turning without a risk of hitting an elbow. Curved glass is specially formed so that there are no impurities that could be added to prevent shattering.

Etched Glass Wauconda

Special designs are one of the main benefits of shower glass over curtains. Etched glass adds a beautiful image to your glass shower that will last. Etched glass is also a great way to have your shower bring together a theme for a bathroom. Etched Glass also adds a level of privacy that other glass types might not offer.

Decorative Glass Wauconda

Decorative Glass gives a more muted elegance to a bathroom then Etched Glass. Decorative glass is often a pattern or texture that breaks up the smooth solid glass look of your glass shower.

Frosted Glass Wauconda

This is the glass that people typically think of when they think privacy in a glass shower. Sandblasting is used to create the frosted look and can be done to the entire glass panel or a section to give privacy while still allowing the decorative tile work of your shower to be seen.

Glass Shower Installation Wauconda

The biggest problem any homeowner faces when picking a glass shower is installation. It can be very difficult and costly to install a glass shower, but our staff at Finer Concepts makes it easy. Our competitive pricing gives you the ability to get more for your money. We will be more than happy to answer your questions about getting a new glass shower or replacing an existing glass shower. We can also help with other glass needs such as glass shelves, tables, windows, and more. Give us a call today; you’ll be glad you did.