Glass Shower Lake Barrington

Glass Shower Lake Barrington

Showers are a great way to stay clean. Unlike baths, showers continually cycle fresh water in and take the dirty water out. The drawback of showers though is that they tend to spray water everywhere, especially with clogged shower heads. The shower curtain is typically used to keep the water in the shower, but is hard to clean, doesn’t always work, and can age. Glass showers have an elegant look to them that is timeless, they are sealed so you don’t have to worry about water leaking out, and can be cleaned with most household cleaners. Finer Concepts can help you with your shower by installing Custom Shower Glass for you. We specialize in:

  • Splash Guards
  • Single Door
  • Sliding
  • In-Lines
  • Corner
  • Neo-Angle
  • Steam
  • Semi-Frameless

Splash Guard Shower Lake Barrington

Splash Guard Showers, also known as Fixed Showers, are a pane of glass that does not move with an opening that allows you to walk right into the shower. These are often paired with unique shower heads that rains water down. Splash Guard showers have the benefit of no moving parts. This means that nothing can break down causing difficulty getting in or out, or stopping you. Only the physical breaking of the glass or other materials is a problem. With less moving parts means fewer crevices that dirt and grime can get into, making Splash Guard Showers easier to clean. The drawbacks for these types of showers are that water can get out easier as well. In addition, the steam from a hot shower is free to move out into the bathroom and can cause the shower to be less relaxing.

Single Door Shower Lake Barrington

As the name implies, this is a shower with a single door. Typically two sliding panels or doors are added to glass showers. This makes getting in and out simpler, however having two doors also means that there is twice the chance of one not being completely closed while you’re taking a shower. Single door showers can also be used in small spaces to help maximize space in small areas. Single doors also have less moving parts than double doors, which means less that can go wrong as well. Sometimes you’ll encounter a double shower door where one door is always a problem while the other one opens and closes with ease.

Sliding Door Shower Lake Barrington

A sliding door is a very efficient and space saving door for showers. A sliding glass door can easily replace shower curtains in many situations and can work with bathtubs showers as well as regular showers. A glass door slides along a metal track either located at the top and bottom of the door or just the top. The tracks are designed to empty into the shower, so water does not get outside. However, it is important to make sure to keep the track clean as it can cause problems in the long run.

In-Line Shower Lake Barrington

In-Line showers are in line with the wall. Often used when there is more space behind a wall than in front of it. In-Line showers are nice as they can add a shower to a bathroom without taking up space inside. There are very few drawbacks to in-line showers that are already built. Adding an in-line shower can be a logistical problem with making sure that pushing back a wall in one part of the house, doesn’t cause a problem in another.

Corner Showers Lake Barrington

Corner showers are perfect for large bathrooms that sectioning off an entire area for a shower would be wasted space. Corner showers often have one fixed side with a single or double door on another. Some double door corner showers might have one door on each side.

Neo-Angle Showers Lake Barrington

Neo-Angle Showers are corner showers, except that instead of coming to a 90-degree point with a door on the side, the door is on an angle replacing the corner. These showers allow for corner showers to be placed in smaller bathrooms, where coming to a 90-degree corner would take up too much room.

Steam Showers Lake Barrington

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to a spa every day? A steam shower can recreate a relaxing spa feeling without having to book or pay for a spa trip. In addition to the shower head, a steady stream of steam is pumped into the shower, which is typically fully sealed to keep the steam from escaping. This helps to open pores and relax your body to de-stress as you clean up.

Semi-Frameless Showers Lake Barrington

A modern trend with Glass showers is Frameless showers. However full frameless showers give one drawback, the seal that prevents water from leaving the shower. Semi-Frameless showers combine the seal of a framed glass shower with the look of a frameless shower, allowing you to enjoy the modern look without having to give up the functionality that a glass shower brings.

Shower Glass Lake Barrington

Those are just different styles of glass showers that you can have as a homeowner, but what about the glass itself. There are several styles of glass to go with glass showers, and all of them depend on your tastes as well as functionality. The different types of glass you can get at Finer Concepts are:

  • Back Painted Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Curved Glass
  • Etched Glass
  • Decorative Glass
  • Frosted Glass

Back Painted Glass Lake Barrington

As the name might suggest is this glass has been painted on the back. This allows more color to shine through on the front. This glass can come in a variety of colors that can be custom matched to go with your bathroom. The color helps to block what is on the other side while making your room more colorful and vibrant.

Colored Glass Lake Barrington

Colored glass is glass that has a pigment added to it so that it has a hint of color while allowing people to see through them. Colored Glass comes in a variety of different opaqueness allowing different levels of visibility through them.

Curved Glass Lake Barrington

One of the benefits that most people say shower curtains have over glass showers is glass showers are a box. Curved glass can be installed to give your shower a unique design as well as allow for turning without a risk of hitting an elbow. Curved glass is specially formed so that there are no impurities that could be added to prevent shattering.

Etched Glass Lake Barrington

Special designs are one of the main benefits of shower glass over curtains. Etched glass adds a beautiful image to your glass shower that will last. Etched glass is also a great way to have your shower bring together a theme for a bathroom. Etched Glass also adds a level of privacy that other glass types might not offer.

Decorative Glass Lake Barrington

Decorative Glass gives a more muted elegance to a bathroom then Etched Glass. Decorative glass is often a pattern or texture that breaks up the smooth solid glass look of your glass shower.

Frosted Glass Lake Barrington

This is the glass that people typically think of when they think privacy in a glass shower. Sandblasting is used to create the frosted look and can be done to the entire glass panel or a section to give privacy while still allowing the decorative tile work of your shower to be seen.