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Finer Concepts has been creating custom glass showers for Algonquin, Illinois and the surrounding area for the past 18 years!  We are 100% family owned and operated and we specialize in bringing your imagination and wildest glass concepts to life! If you are looking for custom glass shower doors designed, built, and installed Finer Concepts is for You!

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Different Types Of Custom Shower Glass Options In Algonquin

Deciding to install custom shower glass doors is a great way to give your bathroom a new look, show off our shower style, or increase space in your bathroom.  Creating custom shower doors is easier than you think!  Choosing your custom shower glass doors can be quite daunting but it really comes down to the space you have, the type of door you want, and the elements of your shower.  These three things are going to determine the new shower doors in your Algonquin home.

Choosing Your Style

There are several different kinds of shower doors that you can consider installing into your home. Here is a quick little guide that you can use as a reference for style and terminology when it comes to your shower door.

Bypass Doors:  Bypass doors is pretty much another name for sliding doors.  These doors are usually comprised of 2 or 3 doors that lay on a track and open by sliding them from one end to the other. There is no denying that this is the most common type of glass shower door in most Algonquin, Illinois bathrooms.  This doesn’t mean they can’t be custom.  Different patterns and concepts can be made into the doors and different hardware choices can make your sliding shower doors stand out from all the others.

Pivot Doors:  When you are considering pivot doors you are thinking about doors that open into the bathroom.  One of the biggest things to think about is space in the bathroom and whether there is enough room for the door to swing open.  However, depending on the size of your shower these doors can be made to swing in or out of the shower.

Round Doors:  Round shower doors usually open inward.  These doors are typically found in smaller corner showers or stand alone showers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be any less ornate.  Round shower doors can be made in order to fit a custom size or direction you want the doors to swing.  Furthermore, round shower doors are usually attached to round showers which will increase the size of your shower.

There are two common types of shower doors that are most commonly found in bathrooms today as well.   The first are known as frame shower doors. Framed shower doors are made by attaching the doors to a different kind of hardware like aluminum and metal.  These shower doors are most commonly found in older homes but can be just as nice.  Frameless doors are a stand-alone feature. Frameless doors are considered to be more modern and sleek. You can find these shower doors in renovated homes or hotels these days.

Regardless of the style or type of door, you are looking for Finer Concepts can help! We can offer you our knowledge and experience to help you decide what is best for your bathroom.  In the end, though custom shower doors are a great way to show off your shower and a great way to give your bathroom a different and updated look!


Custom Shower Glass Door Installation In Algonquin

After choosing your custom shower glass doors it is important to look at the installation process for bringing your design into your bathroom. Here are things to think about when it comes to installing your custom shower glass doors:

  1. Size – Your shower’s size is going to dictate the style of door that you are looking for.  Consider the space available in your bathroom.  Can your doors swing in and out if you are choosing pivot doors?  Will sliding doors fit in the space?  How tall do the doors need o be in order to fit into a preconfigured frame? These are all questions that should be considered before designing your custom shower glass doors.  Size can also dictate the different patterns and elements you can include on your doors.
  2. Weight –  Will your shower support the weight of your new doors? How do the doors fit into the surrounding walls?  In order to determine the right shower doors for your bathroom, these things should be considered.  Finer Concepts has been helping homeowners answer these questions for over 18 years in Algonquin. If you ever need help determine what is right for your bathroom call us and we can help!
  3. Shower Heads –  Your shower head can also determine the height and size of your shower.  You want to make sure that your shower head will not spray water over the shower door itself.  Also, will the spray from the shower head hit the doors which can mean extra or special cleaning on the door from leftover water streaking. Placement of your shower head can impact the type and the size of the door you can use.
  4. Ventilation – Will the shower door allow the steam to escape the shower door area?  There are different add-ons that might need to be considered in order to make sure that your shower has the proper ventilation.
  5. Openness – What will people see when they look into your shower? This is one of the most overlooked things people miss when they are installing glass shower doors.  Remember, you are getting rid of the curtain, or changing the view your guests have into your shower. Therefore, it is important to consider what your guests see when they use your bathroom.

Glass Shower Door Service Algonquin

As you can see there is a lot to consider when you are deciding to install custom shower doors into your home.  Luckily, we have 18 years in the business and are always willing to help you whenever we can.  If you are looking for custom glass shower doors, looking to change the glass shower doors you already have, or looking to have glass shower doors installed in Algonquin, Illinois; Finer Concepts is ready to help you.  Call us now 224-209-8044