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Custom Glass Replacement/Installation Algonquin

Finer Concepts is dedicated to helping the residents of Algonquin, Illinois and the surrounding area replace and install their custom glass windows and more!  Finer Concepts is 100% family owned and operated and we specialize in helping you replace and install your custom glass when tragedy happens.  If you are looking for custom glass replacement or custom glass installation, trust the company with 18 years of experience in the area. There are several reasons why you should trust Finer Concepts:

  • Worked On Contracted Projects With the Oprah Winfrey Show
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  • 18 Years helping the residents of Algonquin with all of their custom glass needs!

We know what it is like to have a special window break or the feeling you can get when something happens to the glass in your furniture!  Trust us to help you replace or install your new projects by filling out our contact form or calling us at 224-209-8044


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Custom Glass Replacement/Installation
in Algonquin, Illinois

It has happened to almost every homeowner at one time or another. You are sitting in your home doing something, and then a crash is heard throughout the house. After investigating you see there is shattered glass all over the floor. It doesn’t matter how the glass became broken, all that matters is; now it has to be replaced.  Replacing custom glass can sometimes be a difficult and expensive process. However, Finer Concepts has been helping people in the Algonquin area for over 18 years, and our dedication to customer satisfaction will mean that we get the job done right at an affordable price.

Replacing Custom Glass In Algonquin

Replacing a custom glass window or piece of furniture can be tricky.  Due to certain specifications, it is hard to match exactly what you need.  That is why a great custom glass replacement services can help.  However, if you are looking yourself here are a few steps you should take in order to determine what it is you are trying to replace after it breaks.

  1. Measurements:  Make sure you measure twice and fro the right area.  For a window, it is easier to measure from the outside because the inside frame will not get in the way.  If you are replacing a custom glass coffee table or a custom glass tabletop then measure 2 times from both sides.  If the table or furniture you are trying to replace is an odd shape then make sure to measure from all sides and keep track of the shape.  However, the best move would be to have a local custom glass replacement service in Algonquin, comes in and make sure everything is measured correctly.
  2. Style: It is important to know the style of glass that you had in the space.  There are different style and materials that can make up the glass and that are used in specific projects.  Window glass is different than the glass used to make furniture.  Also, the thickness of the glass matters as well in the determination of what you are using the glass for.
  3. Custom Glass Additions: All is not lost when your custom glass needs to be replaced. Yes, it is frustrating, however, you can take this opportunity to enhance the glass that was broken.  This is an opportunity for you to add color and other elements to your custom glass.

Local custom glass experts are available around the Algonquin area whenever you need them  Please always consider using a custom glass service because it will make sure that the glass you are replacing is done right, the first time, every time.


Custom Glass Installation Algonquin

Now that you have your custom glass replacement made and ready to go it is time to install your custom glass creation.  Depending on what kind of glass you are installing there are a few things to consider.  If you ever need help installing custom Algonquin please call a professional glass installation service.  They will make sure the glass is installed correctly and that you can rest assured it will not fall or break during installation.  However, when it comes to installing your own glass here a few things to keep in mind to make the job a little less stressful:

  1. Installing Custom Glass Tabletops – When you are affixing your custom glass tabletop with the table it will be resting on; making sure that it is lined up perfectly.  Do not have any part of the glass hanging over the edge because it can get caught on anyone or anything when that person stands up from that table.  Ensure that the glass is secured on the table with an agent or with pads.  If it is a big piece of custom glass, don’t rely on the weight alone to make it secure.
  2. Installing Custom Glass Windows – When you are installing custom glass windows please keep in mind that you have the right type of glass and good rated glass for the window.  Don’t replace a glass window that is going to be hit with many weather elements and potential dangers with a cheap piece of glass just because you needed one.  If you put a flimsy or regular piece of glass the chances of it breaking, scratching, or not sealing correctly is greatly increased during a storm with hail and other damaging debris. Test the installation of your custom glass window by spraying it with the water hose so you can see if there are any leaks or problems.  Remember to try to recalibrate your HVAC system after installing custom glass windows into your home.  Different windows might provide you better protection from leaks.
  3. Installing Custom Glass Shower Doors – Installing custom glass shower doors into your home or business is a little trickier than installing a window.  Definitely, use a level to make sure that the door is level when it is secure.  Please, test the door length before you are installing it so that you can determine if it hits anything when you are opening or closing the door. If you are installing sliding glass doors make sure they are secured to the track and roll them back and forth a few times to ensure they don’t get caught on anything. If you are installing swinging custom glass shower doors, make sure they are anchored and create a tight seal that won’t allow water to pour out of them when someone is using the shower.  Finally, it is important to make sure the bottom of the door is not scraping the tile or other glass when you are opening and closing the door.
  4. Installing Commercial Glass Displays or Designed Glass – If you are setting up commercial glass displays make sure that they are secure, and that it is not in the way of a customer walking through your store.

Remember that there are custom glass installation services in the Algonquin area always willing to help, no matter what style of custom glass you need.  Finer Concepts has 18 years in the business and will always help you with whatever you need for custom glass installation.

Custom Glass Installation and Replacement in Algonquin

As you can see there is a lot to consider when you are deciding to install custom shower doors into your home.  Luckily, we have 18 years in the business and are always willing to help you whenever we can.  If you are looking for help, Finer Concepts is ready to help you.  Call us now 224-209-8044