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Finer Concepts has been creating custom commercial glass projects for business throughout Algonquin, Illinois and surrounding area for the past 18 years!  Working with a 100% family owned and operated service is going to make sure your project doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  We provide the best business service in the area.  Your business can rely on us because we can provide you:

  • Custom Glass Conference Tables in Algonquin
  • Custom Glass Office Windows in Algonquin
  • Custom Glass Dividers in Algonquin
  • Custom Glass Exterior Windows in Algonquin

And More!

Finer Concepts is your choice!  Learn more about these services including our process, our specialties, tips, and information so you can bring your custom your glass project to life!  Also, view some of our galleries and projects that we have created for others!  However, If you are ready to start your custom commercial glass project today, fill out our contact form to the right, or call us at 224-209-8044


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Commercial Glass Algonquin

As a business owner, you need to make sure your business stands out from the competition.  Having custom glass designs can make any business look like a Fortune 10 company.  It all comes down to planning and the impression you want to make about your business to not only other businesses in the area but also to the customers that walk through your doors.  Finer Concepts has been developing, producing, and installing, custom and decorative glass for businesses for the past 18 years!  Working with commercial properties is different than working with residential properties because the process is different.  Thinking about the ways you can make your business stand out requires meticulous planning and several things to consider.  Before your custom glass project can be installed it is important to consider the following things:

Customer Flow: Designing custom glass projects for retail enterprises is something we enjoy doing.  This is because a custom glass display area for your merchandise can really make it stand out to customers walking through your store versus other retail stores in the area.  However, just because a display can make the merchandise pop doesn’t mean that it is the best for the flow of the store.  Your customers need to walk seamlessly through the displays without being prevented from seeing other merchandise in other areas. Finer Concepts has experience working with various retail shops in the Algonquin area, planning not only custom glass displays but also how they can affect the flow of traffic through your store.

Construction: Working with your office space can be a fun and exciting time.  Creating custom glass for your conference room, or opening up areas inside the office, or even creating windows so you can see your employees from your office is not only practical but can make a great impression on potential clients that walk through your office. With custom glass installation for offices, there is an added element of construction if you are going to bust through any walls that might separate offices or expand a door leading into an office. Finer Concepts will come to your office and walk through it with you letting you know what you can expect for your future project.

Glass Protectors:  If your office building has many levels with single protectors, changing those to glass will open the space up more and create an impression on people walking into and through your office building.  There is no better example of this than in malls across the area. There is protective custom glass in malls on the second floor to prevent people from falling, however, since they are made out of glass it allows shoppers to better see the various stores on the upper level.  It opens the space more.  If you are looking to overhaul your office building consider replacing old solid protectors on your levels with custom glass ones.

Exterior Commercial Glass Windows:  Make a lasting impression on your customers, business partners, and employees before they even walk into your office building with custom exterior office windows.  Big beautiful windows will allow more natural light into the atrium of your building also adding windows in offices will make employees not feel trapped in their offices.  Measuring the space you want to add your windows or replace your commercial windows is the most important part of the process. Furthermore, it is important to make sure that where you are adding a window makes sense, and doesn’t through off the design of your office space.

Office Furniture and Additions:  Custom glass project can also be used to send a message as well.  Custom glass conference tables, desks, and more will make an office stand out.  Finer Concepts will walk through your office space with you and can work with you in measuring and designing custom office glass projects that will ensure your customers, clients, and employees have a lasting impression and enjoy where they are working.

Custom Commercial Color Glass:  Adding color to your custom windows and glass creations can definitely set you apart from the competition. Finer Concepts has been creating color glass projects for over 18 years!  You have the ability to flood offices in natural color light, welcome guests into your waiting area with a different appearance, and even provide a calming place for your employees to work in, just by coloring your custom glass creations.

Custom Commercial Glass Installation Algonquin

Regardless of your custom commercial glass project that you want, Finer Concepts can bring it to life.  Whether you are adding a custom glass conference table to your office, or you are looking to completely overhaul your office building’s atrium for your businesses, we are here for you.  Display merchandise better, protect employees and transform your workplace into a place where people want to be so your employees are more productive today, by calling Finer Concepts.  We will work with you every step of the way from planning, measurements, production, and installation so you can do what you do best, running your business. Call Finer Concepts now and let’s schedule a walkthrough of your business, retail space, or office together.